a sea turtle and I’m 25 years old. I want to tell you my story today.

I was born in Costa Rica at a beautiful sandy beach together with my 86 brothers and sisters. Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly how many sisters or brothers there were, there were just too many and I was still too small to remember all this.

In any case we were very many. Also from other nests there were hundreds of others.

Because we all came into the world at about the same time and we are water turtles, we all made our way into the sea at the same time. That was a bustle.

Some unfortunately didn’t make it because even the evil seagulls noticed that we were on our way and caught some of us. Most of them made it into the sea and immediately started to swim and dive.

The water was so fresh and cool, just my thing. Life couldn’t be more beautiful, that’s how it should always be, I thought at that time.

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