Many people just throw their garbage into the sea or it ends up there on other roads. That’s very bad and mean.

Hundreds of my fellow creatures and also many other sea creatures, maybe even some of my siblings, did not survive the waste plague.

They got tangled up in the plastic things and then drowned or accidentally swallowed some of it while eating. There have been so many that I couldn’t count it any more, and every day new deaths are added.

Most people are very ignorant and think that a little garbage in the sea can’t be so bad. The sea is big enough and soooo much rubbish it can’t be.

But that is so wrong. You should see that!

I found a garbage carpet on one of my trips between Hawaii and North America. People call this creepy thing “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. This terrible place is four and a half times as big as Germany and I think it weighs about 80,000 tons.

Unfortunately I learned from friends that this is not the only garbage heap in the sea. There are some of them everywhere. All this is garbage that people have thrown into my living space. Whether they are plastic bottles, nets, barrels, clothes or bags. Over the years so much rubbish has been collected that it is now time to finally stop.

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