BIOBAULA Glass bottle (500ml)


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Important information about the glass bottle

Dear customers,

in order to get our tabs into our bottles more easily, it has proven to be very helpful to share them in the middle of the bottle. unfortunately, there is no other solution on the product side at the moment and we hope for your acceptance.
A small break for the protection of our environment. Please help us.

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The Biobaula glass bottle (500 ml)

If you have used up all your old cleaner bottles or if you no longer have any, we offer you our Biobaula glass bottle. Due to the 500 ml filling quantity it is still handy even when fully filled and does not make cleaning more difficult for you due to unnecessary weight. The spray head is of high quality which makes it extremely durable. With this spray bottle you have the perfect application container for our cleaning sticks.

Technical data


  • Nominal volume: 500 ml
  • edge full volume: 520 ml
  • Weight: 246 g
  • height without spray head: 175 mm
  • diameter: 77 mm
  • Quality: medical glass bottle, shatterproof

Spray head:

  • Note: not dishwasher safe
  • Application: 2 application variants (spot and surface spraying function)
  • Material: BPA free plastic


  • Unscrew spray head
  • Halve tab
  • Divided tab drop into the bottles
  • Pour lukewarm water over it
  • Drink a coffee and wait about 10 minutes


How does the BIOBAULA Öko Tab work?

With BIOBAULA you buy only the cleaning tabs and receive a complete cleaning agent by adding water. In addition, all BIOBAULA TABS are 100% biodegradable and ecologically sound.

Remove the tab

Do not throw the packaging into the residual waste, it is completely recyclable.

Fill the bottle

Fill the bottle with lukewarm water.

Tab in the bottle

Let the tab fall in.

Go have a cup of coffee

The tab takes about 10 minutes to dissolve.

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