Set of 3 BIOBAULA Dishwasher Tablets – Pretty in Pink (57 Tabs)


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  • Vegan
  • Easy to use
  • Naturally without the use of genetic engineering
  • For a clean eco-balance
  • Contents: 3×19 dishwasher tabs
  • 1 tab = 0,31 Euro
  • Mild formula
  • Without fragrance and additives
  • Economical dosage
  • Fully degradable and therefore environmentally friendly

Clean dishes without compromise and plastic film

By using these Dishwasher Tabs from Biobaula, you are already making a small contribution to protecting the environment. Every wash pollutes our waters. It is therefore all the more important that we choose the products that accompany us every day with special care. Biobaula Dishwasher Tabs are made exclusively from surfactants that degrade quickly and, above all, completely in the water. This is the only way to ensure that our waters are not unnecessarily polluted. Despite the mild and ecological composition of the Dishwasher Tabs, your dishes will be thoroughly and hygienically clean in a natural way.

The Biobaula Dishwasher Tabs are packed loose!

Recommendation for use

Please use Biobaula Dishwasher Tabs in combination with dishwasher salt and rinse aid.


Add 1x Biobaula Dishwashing Tab to the dosing chamber. For heavily soiled dishes, add 2 tabs to the dosing chamber or directly to the dishwasher basket. Place silverware separately from other metal cutlery in the basket. For an optimal dishwashing experience without limescale deposits, you should always fill coarse dishwasher salt and rinse aid in the machine.

Dosage of the dishwasher tabs

Please use Biobaula Dishwasher Tabs in combination with dishwasher salt and rinse aid.

Valuable environmental tips

Both water and energy can be saved with little effort and in a very simple way. Instead of rinsing dirty dishes individually under running water, immerse them in a water bath to prevent food residues from drying. For the sake of the environment, load the dishwasher as full as possible and select the lowest wash temperature for dishwashing.

ENVIRONMENTAL TIPS: To protect the environment, only run your dishwasher when it is full, prefer washing cycles at low temperature and follow the dosing instructions.

Ingredients of the dishwasher tabs

Ingredients: ≥5% <15%: Oxygen-based bleaching agents. <5%: non-ionic surfactants (vegetable sugar surfactants), enzymes (protease, amylase) Other ingredients: Sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, TAED (bleach activator), citric acid, sodium sulphate, sodium silicate, bentonite, sorbitol, water, sodium salt of succinic acid, sodium salt of polyaspartic acid. 93.2% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

“To limit environmental impact, follow recommended use dosages.”

Here to the official data sheet of the ingredients


No animal experiments
Water soluble product
100% reduced plastic and packaging waste
100% biodegradable
100% vegetable ingredients
95% less transport weight
Reduction of CO₂ emissions


ECOCERT is an organic certification organization founded in France in 1991. It is based in L’Isle-Jourdain, Département Gers, in France, but carries out inspections in over 110 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.
Product certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.
According to ECOCERT standard and regulations available at:

A label for consumers, the environment and the economy

The plastic-free Flustix seal is the first Europe-wide registered product seal for plastic sustainability. The name “Flustix” is a neologism and word combination from the English “free of plastic”, currently plastic-free.

Flustix tests products and packaging for their plastic content. Plastic free and plastic reduced products are marked with our seal. This provides consumers with a reliable orientation for plastic-reduced purchases, protects the environment and helps innovative economic players to communicate their sustainability in relation to plastics. A seal for consumers, environment and economy.

Info about the Grünkunft foil

The Grünkunft foil made of wood is a bio-vegan, biodegradable foil bag with a foil made of vegetable raw materials. The raw material for the foil is wood – for this, primarily leftovers and cuttings from sustainable FSC forestry are used, which can no longer be processed into sawn wood. Completely without food competition and without unnecessary additional cultivation areas.

The raw material for the transparent film is wood, mainly from forestry cuttings. The cellulose obtained from this is made soluble (viscose) and runs through a pouring nozzle into a precipitation bath in which additives precipitate – what remains is a film of pure regenerated cellulose. It gets its transparency from mechanical treatment, not from chemical additives. It is characterised by high tear resistance, greaseproofness and complete taste and odour neutrality.

Studies confirm that cellulose hydrate is very easy to compost under natural conditions. The carbon dioxide released comes from the biomass used and is completely reintroduced into the material cycle.

Our NACHHÄLTER® decompose in nature within a few weeks, are soil and water neutral and effectively non-toxic.


Warning Caution: Causes severe eye irritation. Keep out of the reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label at hand. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Seek medical advice/attention. Contains subtilisin. May cause allergic reactions.

How does the BIOBAULA dishwasher tab work?

Only surfactants are used in the dishwasher tabs from Biobaula, which degrade quickly and, above all, completely in the waters. Despite the mild and ecological composition of the dishwasher tabs, your dishes will be thoroughly and hygienically clean in a natural way.

Take the tab out of the packaging

Do not throw the packaging into the residual waste, it is fully recyclable.

Place the tab in the dosing chamber

It is best to also use dishwasher salt and rinse aid.

Go and have a coffee

Until your dishwasher is finished, you can take a break.


Clean dishes without a guilty conscience.

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